TECHNOLOGY Features
01. New surface technology allows perfect high gloss surface evenness
- With the use of SM’s specially developed UV coating surface technology, perfect evenness of high
gloss surface is now possible
- The amount of coating fluid being controllable to 2~20g/㎡ makes customized surface
development possible.
02. Industry’s first to develop membrane UV hight gloss product
- Unlike most membrane high gloss products surface coating which uses the heat drying method,
SM produces membrane surface using hi-tech UV setting method, which consists of more
advanced surface properties.
03. Perfect adhesion of various kinds of materials (PVC, PP, Pet, Paper)
- SM’s long researched surface technology allows perfect adhesion of insolvent UV coating fluid on
various types of surface materials and also shows strong endurance under any type of condition.
04. Development of top quality soft feeling matte finish
- With a reflection of less than 10%, the newly developed matte surface technology provides better
quality than other soft feeling finished products.
Network infra structure of expertise groups in each area (polarized film, conduction film, IR exclusion,
UV Exclusion, UV setting, thermal drying, color coating)

Driving towards the use of hi-tech NT materials
- SM continues to do research on the so called dream material of nano in order to overcome the limitations we face today
and to further enhance its technology to create a new surface technology with many additional functions that has never
been seen before in the industry. SM is doing this by collaborating with a nano specialized subsidiary of Germany’s state
policy research center
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