In order to produce differentiated products for our customers, SM provides customized surface
development solution, participating from the planning stage until the final production stage of
the finished goods.
  • First, we comprehend the quality level and cost after analyzing the concept of our
    customer¡¯s required product. Then we choose the appropriate manufacturing process
    (ex. Membrane, wrapping, flat laminating, etc.) that best fits the product application
    and then develop and then develop the best surface solution.
  • In this stage, we make a finished product through actual tests with our customer
    with the prototype based on the system designed in tage1. Rapid supplements are
    added to the product when needed.
  • After testing the physical properties(mechanical, chemical features) of the finished
    product, a pilot run is made to reconfirm the quality of mass production.
  • In this development stage, actual production begins based on the process data and
    physical properties that were made during the sample and pilot run stage.