Creating a new world of UV CoatingSM. leading the future of UV Coating industry

The future leader of UV coating industry. SM.

SM is creating great value with newly developed concept of surface technology due to over 3 years of research.
Continuously expanding the business area, SM is striving to be the no.1 company in various surface and unique film markets.

Enviroment friendly surface development system for pleasant indoor surroundings, special architectural film for energy efficiency increase in buildings, customized surface development system (furniture / interior / consumer electronics / advertising) that fits customersí» concept, specific canvas for digital use have all been developed by SMí»s long researched technology which acts as a new motivator in SMí»s growing business.

Through these motivations, SM will create value-added products and develop new markets to provide a foundation of growth together with our customers to become a world prominent company. We promise through continuous innovative developments and maintaining a strong network with the world top expertise groups, SM will stand out to be the future leader in the UV coating industry.